Innoo Tech Model K18 Anti Spy Camera Finder
Innoo Tech Model K18 Anti Spy Camera Finder 

With anti-spyware tools like the James Bond app, I can apparently discover RF and magnetic fields and use infrared light to reflect all aperture lenses.

For your ease in understanding, here's how to test. To detect radio frequencies, simply turn the sensitivity knob clockwise. It is better to leave the list without any problems. Move it on all green lines and it will be your main streak. You should see the red MS Mode selector indicating that it is in standby mode. When making a call, you hear several tones when you recognize the radio frequency. Place it close to WiFi and you will hear a sound.

Please note that the transfer process must be active. So if a cell phone or tracked phone is detected, a GSM 2G, 3G or 4G cell signal must be sent or received. If a hidden WIFI camera is detected, you should transfer 1.2G to 5.8G or actively send or receive videos. Practical applications include numbering of watch photo frames, smoke detectors, USB sockets, bulky pens, books and hidden cameras. If the device is strong or just an independent recorder, it is difficult to recognize.

The switch can detect the magnetic field by extending the GS sensor to the magnetic field and pressing the M button for 3 seconds. When the magnet is recognized, I hear a series of beeps and the lamp is already on. This is useful for reaching dark areas or under the car. The idea is that any object attached to a magnetic object, such as a vehicle tracker or a radio coil can be recognized. It only investigates and moves slowly.

It was easy to install, one handle and two buttons. I think the most difficult mode is the infrared viewfinder, which can be used for the camera mode. An attempt was made to locate the camera with the naked eye. However, when broadcasting a video, it is recognized by the RF signal.

As we mentioned earlier, it works well and can be useful if the price is right. If necessary, I update this review to share more experiences and then repository. If you find these other pictures useful

Innoo Tech Model K18 Anti Spy Camera Finder
Innoo Tech Model K18 Anti Spy Camera Finder 

Innoo Tech Model K18 Anti Spy Camera Finder Technical index

  • Privacy Signal Detector is an effective signal detector with which you can identify the fluctuations of different signals in your environment, and based on the fluctuations of signals, there are different transmitters for the wrong signals, for example B. Cameras and hidden cameras, GPS tracking can be detected and protected. Exceptional sensitivity and many discoveries to protect your privacy.
  • Suitable for offices, important business negotiations, secret meetings, apartments, bathrooms, cars, hotels, changing rooms, etc. There is no monitoring, interception, and interception of various environments that need protection. Radio detectors detect strong radio signals in living and working environments. Eilimy wireless signal detector is the best choice!
  • The built-in portable signal detector is easy to use and an updated version of the old G318 for the same price. The new G319 is equipped with a more powerful compact battery that can improve standby time, new advanced chip manufacturing technology, new look, beautiful and improved feel, as well as product heat dissipation performance and more robust quality.
  • Product delivery and use range includes a full range detector, signal antenna, power source and USB cable, plus a fully charged lithium polymer battery for 15 to 25 hours. The closer the signal detector is to the signal source, the faster the alarm will sound. At this point, you can set the sensitivity to lock the signal source and find the hidden device.
  • Our commitment to the highest performance in the detector category is fundamentally different from plastic detectors and smallest unstable or invalid signals. Eilimy signal detectors have the same stable functions as costly detectors. It is important to promise the best price, it is your best choice!

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