WAVLINK AC1200 Smart WiFi Router
WAVLINK AC1200 Smart WiFi Router

It is by far the best extension. Not sure, but xFinity technician recommended it and decided to give it a try. good job! I mainly bought smart TVs. I cannot connect the TV directly to the router because I have to connect it directly to the computer. Of course I have to expand the TV. Wavlink Extended Domain is the solution! I had another one (almond plug) before, but it didn't work well - the connection was slow, sometimes the connection couldn't be terminated at all or it was cut in the middle. It is frustrating to say less. I don't watch TV much, but when I watch TV, I hope it works (obviously!). Now it works on very small things.

WAVLINK AC1200 Smart WiFi Router Technical index
  • Thanks to advanced Touchlink technology, Touchlink is the funniest way when you are at a party or when you invite, talk and communicate with friends and when your friends and guests access WiFi themselves without telling them Wi-Fi passwords
  • Data traffic on all devices is unlimited, with a total speed of 867Mbps at 5GHz and 300Mbps from 2.4GHz at 1200Mbps. By automatically allocating devices to the best available channels, WiFi routers can connect more devices at the same time because the integration speed is sufficient to transfer large digital files and HD video streams. You can broadcast in 4K and play online on Xbox, PlayStation, PC or Mac without interruption
  • The omni-directional antenna with 4x5dBi VLAN router and WLAN remote connection is ideal for wireless internet in your home office restaurant. It eliminates interference that provides the fastest wireless speeds, improved coverage and reliable communications. TURBO technology is designed to give you the best possible Wi-Fi experience. Simply press the TURBO button and your network will be optimized. You can play multiplayer games, HD streaming, file transfer, video chat, email, and internet surfing at the same time
  • Gigabit Ports Meet More Requirements Gigabit Ethernet ports operate 10 times faster than standard ports, so your wired devices can do their best job. You can share content from USB storage devices connected via USB port

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