YAMAY Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
YAMAY Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Call the message alarm and read the message

If you connect the yamay 020 watch to your smartphone via the VeryFitPro app, you can receive notifications for calls, messages, calendars, emails, social applications and read messages directly on the watch (you cannot answer messages and without calls is very useful if you do not want to take out the phone or if you do not want to miss Anything important

IP68 waterproof swimming watch

The 020 complies with the IP68 water resistant standard. You can wear it while washing your hands, running, and swimming in the rain. In addition, the tapes are variable, so you can change the tapes in different colors and styles according to your requirements.

Health monitoring and women's memories

For women, you can specify details about the menstrual cycle in the app, for example b. The length of menstruation, the length of menstruation, the date of the menstrual cycle, and the determination of the time that reminds you in advance of preparing for the next menstruation and ovulation. By registering your menstrual cycle, you can learn more about yourself and take care of yourself. For men, you can only deactivate this in the app

Fitness tracker watches for men and women

Automatically track and calculate daily steps, calories, distances and duration. Supports up to 14 sports tracking modes so you can learn more about yourself and make more moves

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Watch the heart rate monitor

Track your heart rate closely throughout the day and you can view maps in the VeryFitPro app to understand your heart rate condition and adjust your lifestyle and your experience.

Sleep Tracker Watch

It automatically detects and sleeps your sleep throughout the day, providing deep sleep, light sleep and waking up (it only records more than 3 hours of sleep). You can also set 10 vibrating alarms to wake you up or remind you of other important things

Sports watches for men and women

You can choose 4 faces per hour. Different styles adapt to your different mood. You can see the screen clearly even in direct sunlight by adjusting the brightness

Extremely long battery life

This watch can run for 7-10 days at a full cost, longer than conventional watches. You can train with her for a long time or you can be sure

Stopwatch and countdown timer

This watch supports timing and countdown functions that you can use to improve exercises and workouts

YAMAY Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Technical index

  • Fitness If you live an active lifestyle, want to improve your training, are a beginner and want to exercise or want to track accurate water, many smartwatch functions are added and the battery is fully charged (7-10 days) and the yamay 020 helps stimulate and stay healthy Good one
  • The Yamay 020 IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker is waterproof and wearable while swimming. HD color screen makes the operation easy and gives you a clear field of vision. 4 elegant faces to choose from
  • Careful Activity Tracker tracks steps, calories, and heart rate throughout the day, 7 days a week. It uses 14 training modes like "running" or "bike" to record training and connect to your smartphone's GPS device to determine the time and distance more accurately. Sports mode gives you more information about your recurring activities
  • Smartwatches for most iPhone and Android devices compatible with iOS 8.0 above and Android 4.4 devices for smartphones can receive notifications on the phone, text, calendar and smartphone when the phone is turned off. The case is made of slightly oxidized aluminum and the soft breathable range makes the watch thin and comfortable to wear

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