ShieldGPS OB22 Cars GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS OB22

The easiest way to add reliable GPS tracking to the vehicle in real time. The ShieldGPS OB22 GPS vehicle tracker can easily connect to the vehicle's OBD connector (usually under the steering wheel) and download the GPS location data into your hands over a cellular network. Your subscription includes full access to our tracking and application platform, which allows you to track the vehicle’s location in real time anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.
OB22 provides convenience and reliability for a wired GPS tracker, but there are no costs or problems installing.
With the popular TrackSolid IOS, Android and Web apps, you can easily view the vehicle location in real time.
Very suitable for anti-theft and surveillance, employee and driver monitoring, driver behavior coverage and control.
It provides important statistical data including speed, mileage, and ignition status.
ShieldGPS OB22 Cars GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS OB22

ShieldGPS OB22 Cars GPS Tracker Specs
  • Real-time GPS tracking: Use IOS, Android and web applications to locate the vehicle in real time
  • Amazing Features: The location is refreshed every 10 seconds, a geographical area is created and the alarm is triggered when the device enters or leaves the area. Use the location and operation log to determine the location Set the daytime speed alarm to show the dangerous driving time, and use the ignition state to determine when the car starts or shuts down
  • Global compatibility: Simply plug it into the OBD port and start monitoring. All vehicles manufactured since 1996 have OBD connections.
  • Small and hidden: the smallest OBD GPS tracker can be provided, which is barely visible after logging in. It is very suitable for driver tracking, surveillance and theft protection

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