Suunto Smartwatch Review
Suunto 7 SS050379000 GPS Sport Smartwatch
Suunto 7 model SS050379000 Fitness & Lifestyle GPS Suunto 7 Smart Watch is a sports watch with GPS and a smart watch that can be used in one hour and help you make the most of sport and active life. It combines Suunto's rich sports experience with external maps and the latest features in the Google Wear OS smartwatch. It is durable and waterproof so you can take it with you. Product Features: Sports Experience - All sports functions in Suunto 7 can use more than 70 pre-configured sports modes with one click. Get key stats: closely track sports, including GPS, pressure gauges, and wrist heart rate sensors, then easily share them in the Suunto app or major sporting services like Strava, Endomondo or TrainingPeaks. Smarter training and rounding your goals. Motivate music, listen to other sounds, plug headphones to your phone during exercise, and control music from your wrist. Use the offline manager maps to discover new places and know where to go with free external maps without internet. When you connect to and charge a Wi-Fi network, the local map downloads automatically, or you can download the map manually from your preferred location. Even if you go out, you still have the best way to get it. A full thermal map with 16 activities such as running, swimming, and biking shows the most popular sports or helps you leave the inaccessible and leave the inaccessible places. GOOGLE is powered by WEAR OS - Suunto 7 powered by Google Wear OS, making it the smartest sport watch. Watch your favorite apps, get notifications and display messages easily on your watch. Equipped with faster and safer Google Pay payment methods, personalized Google Fit training and smart assistance from Google Assistant. Anti-Aventure-Suunto 7 was developed and tested in Finland and has Suunto recognized quality. Shockproof, waterproof, antifouling, with gorilla glass


The GPS multi-functional sports watch and smart watch in one device combine the Suunto sports experience with the practical functions of the Google Wear OS smart watch.

Suunto sports equipment and computers are designed for Finnish diving and have been used by adventurers around the world since 1936.

Watching sports

Follow the movement carefully

With GPS, altitude, and heart rate measurement, you can view detailed training information in over 70 sports modes. Contact the Suunto mobile app and major sporting services like Strava and Endomondo.
Suunto Smartwatch Review
Suunto 7 SS050379000 GPS Sport Smartwatch

External card

Find your way
Free outdoor maps without internet with detailed information about terrain, trails and contour lines are only part of the exercise. Offline maps can be used without a phone or internet connection.

Heat map

Find the best method
The free offline thermal map shows the most popular tracks of 15 different activities, including running, cycling and swimming.
Suunto Smartwatch Review
Suunto 7 SS050379000 GPS Sport Smartwatch

smart watch

Make it easier every day
Receive notifications, view the next meeting, and view incoming calls and messages. Use Google Pay to make payments quickly and easily, get smart help from Google Assistant, and access thousands of apps on Google Play. * *

Battery life

Long lasting and fast shipping
Suunto 7 batteries with smart watches last 48 hours, while they can be used for 12 hours in GPS tracking mode. In 20 minutes, you can fully charge two hours of physical training and in just 100 minutes you can fully charge the battery. ** **.


It can work in rain, mud and snow
Suunto 7 was developed and tested in Finland. It is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and is equipped with a high-resolution OLED touch screen protected by scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

Suunto 7 SS050379000 GPS Sport Smartwatch
  • A multi-functional sports watch with GPS and a smart watch on one device, combining the sporting experience of Suunto with the smart watch function of Google Wear OS. Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Over 70 sports, from running and cycling to swimming and skiing. Suunto app provides detailed training information. Compatible with major sports services like Strava, Endomondo and Training Peaks
  • Use the GPS, barometer and heart rate monitor to track precise movements. Control the music on the watch
  • Free outdoor maps are free to help you find your way. 15 Activity Heat Maps are built to understand the best route. These offline maps can be used without a phone or internet connection. These maps are automatically downloaded when connected to Wi-Fi and charging
  • Battery life: Up to 48 hours with smart watch, and up to 12 hours in GPS tracking mode
  • Smartwatch functionality makes everyday life easier: using Google Assistant, quick pay with Google Pay, personalized Google Fit training, and thousands of apps on Google Play, as well as daily functions like notifications, calendar, and weather reminders
  • Stainless steel frame, high-resolution OLED touch screen, adjustable disc and interchangeable bracelet, available in leather, textiles, and silicone

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