Loop recording
Recurring and transparent records automatically replace the oldest file to save the current file. So you don't need to worry that the full SD card will stop recording.

Gravity sensor
The current record is automatically locked to avoid repeated records when a sudden shock is detected and the record is not deleted. Low / medium / high sensitivity is available.

Watch around the clock
The built-in parking monitor can record a short video clip for approximately 30 seconds in the event of a collision while parking the vehicle. The video is recorded independently and is not deleted, which is useful for reporting incidents.

Motion detection
We do not recommend letting it work while driving. Only 10 seconds can be recorded per activation, which stops recording.

High accuracy
With Full HD 1080p resolution, you can clearly see in front of your car and provide excellent photos / videos day and night.

Wide field of view
The 170-degree wide angle monitors the three lanes in front of you, capturing the ocean view and reducing blind spots. The more you see, the safer it is.
TOGUARD CE18 Car Full HD Mini Dash Cam

Easy to install
Simply attach the suction cup to the tachograph. You can install the tachograph on the windshield, insert it into the cigarette lighter socket, and then start recording when the car engine is running.

TOGUARD CE18 Mini Dash Cam Specs
  • 170 ° Full HD 1080P Wide Angle Camera The Tugar 1080P FHD 170 degree camera is equipped to capture traffic lights and provide excellent photos / videos day and night.
  • 2.45 inch screen and hidden recording function The inconspicuous small size is hidden behind the rearview mirror so that it does not take up much space and does not cause any interference while driving. Start and stop recording automatically when the ignition key is turned on or off. You don't have to remember to do anything - all the work is done.
  • With loop recording and loop recording in the G sensor, you can specify a value to be activated. When the storage space is full, it automatically returns to the first file and is saved. When using the G-sensor function, the current coil is automatically locked to avoid coverage when sudden electric shock is detected.
  • Motion detection and parking monitoring] Burst camera automatically starts when it detects impact and starts recording for about 30 seconds. Don't worry about scratches after leaving the car. Tips: For safety reasons, we recommend not to enable motion detection while driving.
  • TOGUARD is easy to install and provides professional customer service. ] Connect the camera behind the mirror with the suction cup holder and adjust the holder for the best cover. Professional customer service solves all problems within 24 hours. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!

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