The U.S. bill could penalize companies that encrypt user data
The U.S. bill could penalize companies that encrypt user data

An American senator near President Trump (Donald Trump) proposed a new bill to reduce legal protections for apps and websites, which should have a negative impact on capacity.

The law creates the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse on the Internet, which sets rules for creating and deleting child pornography content. If internet companies fail to comply with these rules, they may lose the protection of Article 230 of the literature poster, which largely protects the company from liability for user jobs.

Behind the law is Senator Lindsey Graham, now known as the "IT Gain Law" according to Bloomberg News and Information. The law can amend Article 230 to allow companies to file civil suits against children and objects related to child abuse and exploitation.

The invoice does not contain any specific rules. However, a committee chaired by the Attorney General is likely to restrict corporate data encryption for user data, especially after big Internet companies have switched from one party to another in recent years. This mechanism can ensure that everyone outside of the conversation (including the company itself) encrypts data, which Facebook does through WhatsApp messaging, and will also try to encrypt other services.

Prosecutor William Barr condemned the move and said he would prevent law enforcement from looking for criminals, but Facebook is not obligated to do the same. As part of EARN IT, the commission can ask Facebook and other companies to add back doors to allow law enforcement personnel access to the chat log.

Graham, a spokesman for the Senate Justice Committee, said the bill was not final. The Ministry of Justice plans to take a closer look at section 230 of the law next month as it will hold a public forum to discuss possible changes.

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