Patents reveal Huawei foldable cell phone design
Patents reveal Huawei foldable cell phone design

Huawei has filed a patent application with the European Intellectual Property Office for a foldable smartphone that is the second generation of the current Mate X phone.

The order page shows that this Chinese company was introduced in early October of last year and registered the day before (Wednesday). It shows a foldable phone similar to the MetX phone but with one difference.

Depending on the requirements, the (Mate X2) and Huawei (Mate X) phones provided by Huawei in the third quarter of 2020 are expected to show only slight differences, especially regarding the horizontal fold mechanism from the center, but inward during the interior remains Folded Instead of folding the vertical sidebar from the outside, it has an extra thin screen, front camera and four back cameras.

In contrast to the current Mate X cell phones, the Mate X 2 puts an electronic stylus in the sidebar because the angle is bigger than previous cell phones. Otherwise, the patent application does not disclose the specifications of the phone. In addition to improving the specifications of seals and screens, the Kirin 990 5G processor should also be included.

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