6 tips to protect your Windows 7 computer
6 tips to protect your Windows 7 computer

As of last month, Microsoft stopped providing technical support or updates for Windows 7, which made the system more vulnerable to security risks.

The company recommends upgrading to a newer operating system. If you are still using Windows 7 after support ends, your computer will work normally but it is more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. So we offer you some security measures. This is recommended for data protection.

You can protect your Windows 7 device using the following six tips:

1- Disconnect the internet from the device:

Even if you need to run Windows 7 for some reason, you won't need to use it for all the functions. In particular, when browsing or downloading files from the Internet, you can use the phone or any other device running Windows 8 or 10 to protect yourself from any attack, especially from Internet hackers who have started to lend more money. It has stopped supporting this system. System.

2- Run antivirus software:

It is highly recommended to install and run an anti-virus program that supports Windows 7 and to ensure that you get regular security updates. This is a good choice if MSE is installed as you will continue to receive updates until 2023.

To clear and remove malware and unwanted software from your system, investing in anti-malware software such as Kaspersky is also a good choice.

3- Use a secure internet browser:

If you want to continue using Windows 7 on your device, make sure you're using a secure web browser. Fortunately, Google supported Chrome on the system until at least July 15, 2021. Likewise, Microsoft's new Edge Browser relies on the same base symbol that Chromium uses and will continue to support on July 15, 2021 at least.

The system continues to support Firefox, but Mozilla has not yet identified its remaining support, and you can also rely on DuckDuckGo to provide more privacy.

4- Protection of operating system parameters:

You must visit the Windows Update website and ensure that all updates previously released by Microsoft for this purpose are up to date. It is also recommended to manually check Windows updates to download them. Even after support ends, Microsoft released a special update for Windows 7, just like Windows

5- Update installed applications:

Windows 7 was released a long time ago, so you might have unwanted apps. Worse, it may be outdated.

Applications such as Java and Adobe Flash may be vulnerable. Go to the list of installed programs in the Windows 7 Control Panel and delete any unused applications. Make sure to update all the apps you use to the latest available version.

6- Update your safety habits:

Security tips for Windows computers are almost identical. Therefore, activate and avoid important security functions like "User Account Control" and "Activate Windows Firewall", click on the random links in the emails. And download anonymous files.

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