A report reveals the best-selling phones in the fourth quarter of 2019
A report reveals the best-selling phones in the fourth quarter of 2019

A new report from consulting, vision and data (Kantar) showed the best-selling smartphones in the last quarter of last year.

(Cantar) A report released on Thursday showed that iOS accounted for 24.3% of smartphone sales in five major European markets and a large proportion in China, the United States, Japan, and Australia.

"The iPhone 11 was one of 10 smartphones sold in Europe and the United States in the fourth quarter. This is a huge success for Apple. Two shares of iPhone XR in the same period: in Europe and the United States, it has achieved a series," said Cantar Global director (Dominic Sanibo). New iPhone 11 50% of total smartphone sales from Apple in this quarter, 36% more than previous quarter iPhone 10r, iPhone 11s, and iPhone 10s Max confirm this progress: "Apple's real goal is to enable a large user base to purchase the latest mobile phones and achieve Stability in the life cycle. From the machine. "

Samsung's share of sales in Europe remained unchanged with a rise in the United States. Sanibo said: "The new A series works great on Samsung phones in the U.S." He added, "Although Samsung's share in the United States has increased slightly, the range of models has changed dramatically throughout the year as the series now accounts for two-thirds of sales. Galaxy Note series sales are still relatively strong, but it is clear that sales Galaxy S series will start to decline and that the use of the cheapest models (i) will affect the average retail price.

Looking at Huawei, which became the second in the smartphone market in 2019, Cantar continues to face difficulties in Europe due to the ongoing trade war between Beijing and Washington. In the fourth quarter, Huawei and Honor’s share in Europe fell from 4.4% to 16.4%. On the other hand, the Chinese competitor Xiaomi managed to increase its stake from 7.2% to about 14.2%, which is almost the third position in Europe after Samsung and Apple.

In urban China, Huawei and Honer together account for 44.2% of market share in the fourth quarter, an increase of 5.4% over the previous year. Major national competitors: Xiaomi, Opo and Vivo share decreased during the same period. Despite Apple's business challenges in China, the iPhone 11 is still the bestselling in the region, while the expensive iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max rank third and fourth.

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