Apple officially announces single app purchase across all platforms
Apple officially announces single app purchase across all platforms

Today, Wednesday, Apple Inc. surprised The developer community of its platform and announced that the platform will be sold entirely to support applications running on all platforms. Models.

With the blanket purchase option, consumers can pay only once for applications that can run on the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Apple TV, and Mac PCs. At the same time, developers can get customers to buy Mac, iOS or other apps together. You can also sync purchases and internal subscriptions to customers across all platforms more easily.

Apple said in the news: "As of March 2020, you can distribute copies of iOS, iPad, Mac OS and TVOS applications from all over the world." Ensure that customers only have to purchase once to use multi-platform applications and internal purchases.

The company added that developers can use a single application log in the App Store Connect service to create new applications for these platforms or add the platform to a protocol for existing applications.

In addition, categories in the App Store in the App Store and in the Mac App Store are unified to adapt to new changes and to help developers find applications more easily.

Developers can change the categories and subcategories associated with their apps at any time by starting a new update.

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