YouTube funds the 12-word children's program
 YouTube funds the 12-word children's program

After YouTube signed a contract with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), YouTube announced last September that it would invest $ 100 million in new visual content for children. YouTube has violated the Child Protection Act and paid around $ 170 million for that.

This investment aims to facilitate actions against YouTube creators who were financially affected by an FTC request to change their channel. It is now known what YouTube wants to support from the new investment fund.

According to a report published by Bloomberg yesterday, "Courage, Curiosity, Teamwork, and Self-Control." According to a file the company recently sent to its partners, YouTube uses four of the twelve criteria to determine the type of child videos it funds.

YouTube plans to spend $ 100 million to fund the original children's program over the next three years, according to an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission in September 2019. The program targets audiences between the ages of 3 and 8 and is only available to children on the YouTube app.

With this decision, YouTube tries to make it clear to regulators how dangerous it is to remove viewers under the age of 13 from YouTube’s core services, including millions of videos not appropriate for children, and YouTube has always emphasized that. , the use. However, many of the more popular channels have produced videos aimed at a younger audience. Compared to the main app, developers are not encouraged to set up custom programs for children on YouTube due to a lack of users.

YouTube said he would “fund videos that stimulate the following personal strengths: courage, compassion, communication, gratitude, curiosity, humility, teamwork, integrity, perseverance, restraint, empathy, creativity.”

YouTube said in a note to the partners - Bloomberg watched a copy: "All of our child support programs will demonstrate unique strengths and emotions. In particular, we hope development will inspire children to develop their life skills, follow their feelings, develop their healthy habits, pay attention to yourself, and better understand culture and diversity." , Engaging and caring for society. "

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