Apple launches iPhone repair service at home
Apple launches iPhone repair service at home

Apple has begun offering a new product repair service that allows customers to contact authorized service providers at home or in the office for repairs.

New services are available on the Apple Support website. In some cases, in addition to the current repair options, a new repair option will be displayed on site. H. Send a phone for repair and search for approved services. the supplier. "In some areas, services may be available locally," Apple wrote in the new option.

For those who repair products on the website, Apple declares that this is an advanced technology service and that the company has been officially authorized. Apple's website currently states that repair services can only be booked through the support site.

MacRumors-Apple News, the first company to monitor new services, notes that new services are currently only available in six US cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston and Dallas. It also appears to contain certain types of fixes, including: iPhone repairs. Apple Inc. There are additional costs for repairs on site.

Note that this is not the first time that Apple provides on-site repair services because AppleCrea for Enterprise provides on-site repair product functionality only to companies with thousands of devices.

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