Report: Corona outbreak threatens Apple iPhone shipments
Report: Corona outbreak threatens Apple iPhone shipments

Reuters reported on Monday that Foxconn could have "significant" impacts on Apple production and disrupt customer delivery if the Chinese plant stops next week due to the spread of the Corona virus. Apples.

The agency quoted those familiar with the matter as saying that Taiwan's Foxconn had shut down "nearly all manufacturing facilities in China" after demanding that Apple halt smartphone production by Apple and other brands by at least February 10. Longer outages may interrupt shipping for customers, including Apple.

Sources told Reuters on Monday that Foxconn had had a "moderate impact" on the epidemic so far, as Foxconn had used factories in countries such as Vietnam, India and Mexico to bridge the gap. The gap adds that if the factory over time, the company will catch up. After the ban.

Shops in east China's Suzhou city had to be closed by February 8, and companies in Shanghai closed by February 9. The factory in Dongguan Industrial Center in Dongguan, Guangdong Province is preparing for export until it closes on February 10.

The World Health Organization has announced that the Coruna virus epidemic will threaten China's industrial zone in a global emergency. The sources said that the disturbances after February 10 could disrupt Foxconn deliveries, raising concerns about southern Guangdong Province and Jingzhou, Henan Manufacturing Center, where the main iPhone factory is located.

Foxconn urged employees and customers in Hubei Province, China, which is the disease center, not to return to the factory and asked workers to report their health. This comes from an internal memo read by Reuters. For the director every day. The company also reported that employees who break the rules receive their salaries as usual, while those who break the rules are "severely punished." The company opened a hotline to encourage employees to report violations and give them 200 yuan ($ 29).

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