Games and video applications are booming in China due to Corona
Games and video applications are booming in China due to Corona

A new report showed that video games and short video applications are the few beneficiaries of the Corona virus epidemic in China. In China, downloads have multiplied points of view millions of times as people who can't get out try to prevent HIV infection to keep them entertaining and killing time.

This change has attracted companies that have announced their products in showrooms in the past, such as automakers Tesla and Mercedes-Benz, who have been promoting their products extensively online during this period of last week.

The Chinese traveled and met with family and friends during the traditional Chinese New Year holidays, but many people postponed or canceled their plans because they feared that a new virus that had erupted in mid-January had killed 420 people so far.

"I only use my phone three hours a day at work, but at least eight hours a day during the Spring Festival because it is very upsetting," Reuters quoted Lu Chang, a high school teacher in eastern Shandong Province, as saying.

Investors caught up with this trend as Chinese game publishers like Tencent rose 2% in Hong Kong on Tuesday and rose more than 1% in the major indices. Search engines (Baidu) and e-commerce giant (Alibaba) also increased. Even the actions of mobile video game developers, including Outpalm, rose 10% on Tuesday.

In addition to video games and short video applications, health and fitness applications have also increased use, for example, the Keep app, which can be used to design courses in real-time while affecting sales. The number of apps increased by 15% within a week, while the number of healthy apps (Dr. Ping An) significantly increased download volume for Good Doctor and exceeded 1,186%.

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