Huawei and ZTE ask the U.S. to overturn this decision to discredit them
Huawei and ZTE ask the U.S. to overturn this decision to discredit them

Huawei and ZTE on Monday asked the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to complete a threat rating for Chinese tech giants for U.S. national security.

In November, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission decided to consider Huawei and ZTE the most important threats to U.S. national security. This would prevent rural telecom operators in the United States from accessing government funding. The value of the purchase of equipment, including 8.5 billion dollars.

Huawei told the FCC on nearly 200 pages: "The move is designed to launch a campaign by some government officials, including members of Congress, causing Huawei, with great restrictions, to withdraw from the market, Americans, and all Makan… painting the world and society described these efforts as “illegal and misleading”.

For its part, (ZTE) asked the Federal Communications Commission on Monday that the document "is awaiting evaluation of US export controls and improvements in line with economic sanctions and security controls (ZTE)" on products (ZTE). ZTE added: "It has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in implementing compliance programs related to US export control systems."

The committee retained the final decision of the Office of Public Security and Internal Security, which may provide that the risks have not yet been resolved. This would conflict with the Trump administration's previous position. Previously, the Trump administration had banned the export of high-tech products to Huawei last May, restricting listing on Huawei. The government has had limited success and is also trying to persuade its allies to block work with Huawei. He said Beijing can use espionage facilities.

Huawei has repeatedly denied these allegations and won a big win last week when the UK announced it would give Huawei a limited role in the new 5G telecom infrastructure.

In a proposal last November, the Federal Communications Commission proposed that U.S. telecom companies remove and replace Huawei and ZTE devices from their existing networks. The United States' Federal Communications Commission said that corporate relationships with the Chinese government and the military and laws requiring assistance in intelligence activities are the cause of security risks.

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