IPAD is not just a big iPhone, it has not reached its potential
IPAD is not just a big iPhone, it has not reached its potential

IPhone sold 1.2 billion units in the first decade, while iPod sold 300 million units (compared to 50 million Sony Walkman devices sold in the first decade).

Smartphones and portable music industries are developing separately. This year iPad has a 10-year history. Although it sold more than 400 million units, it did not fulfill the promised new computer era.

When Steve Jobs first introduced the original iPad in 2010, many called it a large iPhone, but their jobs insisted that iPad wasn't an iPhone or MacBook without a keyboard, and so on, the device used a smartphone and chip between the device, laptops.

The device dubbed the so-called post-personal computer era, radically changing old habits such as reading paper newspapers and the way people consume and produce content. This is the goal of the new device, but Apple has achieved half of these goals.

The large tablet screen area is 9.7 inches, at 768 x 1024 pixels, which is more evident than laptops at the time, and the 4: 3 format is very suitable for reading documents and articles online is how the newspaper saves the tablet is described. ,

Most of these shows are recorded with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, but Netflix's portability and battery life are satisfactory, as IPad devices are sufficient to compensate for the inconsistent aspect ratio.

IPad is and remains a great way to consume content. However, it does not provide users with the ability to create content properly. However, iPad was introduced with iOS 3.2, which is no longer ready for the big screen.

Lacking basic multi-tasking and split-screen multi-tasking capabilities, Apple has changed the application layout to include more screen interfaces, but productivity is limited compared to computers.

The Apple A4 processor, which runs on the first generation of the iPad, contained a single-core processor that was associated only with 256MB of RAM. Unlike the current Apple chip, the Apple A4 processor was not designed for heavy use, so the computer had to be replaced. It is strange to work hard with you.

Even if the user can abandon multitasking and accept only one application at a time, writing itself is a painful problem, because putting the tablet on the table and trying to write takes a lot of time to solve many difficulties and errors.

There is no handwriting pen and later an additional keyboard cover. If you look at the current iPad page on the Apple website, you'll see a sturdy keyboard and stylus designed to hit a laptop, but they're getting it.

Android manufacturers are trying to compete with iPad, but they always lose in this competition. Most companies are no longer interested in tablets these days. Ideally, we sometimes get high-quality computers from Samsung or Huawei.

It can be said that the expectations for the computer industry are not good as sales increased in seven consecutive years in 2019 and analysts are not very optimistic about the expectations for tablets such as portable business d (Apple and AirPods)) is expected to exceed total sales. IPad and Mac devices.

Market research firm Canalys estimates that the company will provide 726 million smart Bluetooth headsets by 2023, up from 490 million headphones this year. Apple is the leading brand in this field.

The iPod changed the industry and made Apple a highly profitable company, but the iPhone did it. From a broader perspective, iPad is a powerful product, but it's not the next big product from Cupertino. Watch and AirPods and Services appear to be a new springboard for Apple over the next decade.

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