8 American cities were paralyzed by ransom attacks
8 American cities were paralyzed by ransom attacks

According to Recorded Future security company, the risk of hackers threatening personal information and blocking necessary resources increases through our daily lives on the Internet. At least 104 ransom attacks on school and government administration systems in 2019.

Ransomware attacks disrupt key network services and features as hackers demand huge ransom while keeping government or school data.

On October 2, the FBI issued a warning of cyberattacks in response to mounting attacks, including against governments, medical facilities, industrial companies, and transportation companies.

In March 2018, Georgia's attack on computer networks closed the city's courts and residents were unable to access services such as tickets or water propulsion systems.

The attackers ordered the government to pay $ 51,000 to Bitcoin to unlock the government crypto system, and officials denied they were planning to pay.

Despite the government's refusal to pay the ransom, the city suffered a high price immediately after the attack, and signed several contracts worth $ 2.7 million with telecommunications and security companies. The repeated claim that it did not pay the amount claimed by the attackers.

In November, Iranian citizens were charged with the attack while infiltrators took part in a plot to attack small government networks and other public systems.

Baltimore, MD

On May 7, 2019, the city was attacked by a ransom attack that froze thousands of public computers and paralyzed dozens of other services for citizens.

The hackers demanded a ransom of about $ 80,000 for Bitcoin coordination, and the government refused to pay for it. The Baltimore network was disrupted after the Atlanta attack for the second time in a year, as services in major U.S. cities were closed.

St. Lucia, Florida

On December 17, 2019, the dean's office in Saint Lucia County was closed and he was unable to access the Internet. This closed the mail server and the fingerprint reader system. And background.

Many offices have changed because of their commitment to paper production
Federal studies can help restore the Internet.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

New Bedford was attacked on July 4, 2019. During the vacation, only 4% of government computers were connected to the internet, and hackers demanded a massive $ 5.3 million ransom, but the city was willing to pay $ 400,000. The US dollar commercial insurance strategy tightened the city schedule to investigate and recover lost data, and officials later announced that insurance funds would be used to restore the system.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The city announced after the police station noticed strange activity on some computers around 5 am on December 13, 2019. Most of them were disconnected and the website was closed at 11 am. Quarantine data, enter an emergency, and investigate.

Because of the hurricane response system, the city government has made unique preparations to remedy the network outage, the Associated Press reported. The attack came after a major attack on Louisiana a month ago. Computers in Louisiana County responded to the July breakout.

Greenville, North Carolina

The ransom attack in April 2019 injured more than 800 computers in the city, and all city files were protected after ransomware was first discovered on a police computer.

The authorities publicly refused to pay the ransom and regained their position on their own.

In late August, Carolina News and Monitoring reported that North Carolina's IT department has reported more ransom attacks this year compared to 2018.

Pensacola, Florida

It blocked a cyberattack on December 7, 2019, the city network, and shutting down phone and internet servers, and online payment systems in the healthcare and energy sectors.

The hackers who claimed the automatic attack requested a ransom of $ 1 million that the city had never confirmed. Pensacola News reported that Deloitte used a consulting contract worth $ 140,000 to investigate the situation surrounding the attack.

Willmer, Texas

Willmer, who had fewer than 4,000 people in North Texas, was attacked in August 2019, on suspicion that the attack came from China or Russia that seized municipal computers.

The city was one of the worst affected areas, as local governments in 22 other states and Texas were targeted on the same day, resulting in an "escalating secondary response", the second highest level of emergency intervention, and the blame for the attack demanded pirates ransom. 2.5 million.

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