Live photo leaks of the upcoming Galaxy S20 Ultra
Live photo leaks of the upcoming Galaxy S20 Ultra

Reddit user leakage from live image appears to be the strongest choice among expected Samsung Galaxy S20 phones.

Although the official launch of the phone will only take a few days during the Samsung event slated for February 11th, it appears that the leak does not stop. After several presses or even real-time photos of the phone, it's now out of service. Live photos of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. S20 Ultra.

The leaked Galaxy S20 Ultra image uses the back camera to show what matches the new images leaked on the phone as the three rear cameras and flash are square and there is also a fourth rectangular camera independent with its kit (100x spatial zoom).

There is also a small aperture between the flash and the ceiling camera, which is said to have a back microphone to improve the sound accuracy when recording video from the rear camera.

The actual real-time image that was revealed in the Galaxy S20 Ultra shows the vision of the rear-view camera system on the back of the phone, which is larger than the appearance of the phone cameras (Galaxy S20) and (Galaxy S20 Plus).

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