6 features you can try on iPadOS 13
6 features you can try on iPadOS 13

Apple has announced that iPad will receive iPadOS 13 operating system from Apple WWDC. The company is now beginning to introduce consumers and offer some exciting new features as the new iPadOS 13 combines all aspects of MacOS and iOS. So if you have just updated it, you should review these tips and tricks.

You can try 6 features for iPadOS 13:

Stop following:

Even if GPS is turned off, using an Apple device to hide your location is not an easy task. Thanks to the update to 13.3.1 your privacy has been improved and you can manually deactivate it. The band is very wide (chip U1).

All you need to do is go to settings, then select privacy, location services, system services and search for network and wireless option there.

With Apple you can filter the time function. This is the Google Family Link to learn how your child uses the Internet. With Apple, you can also configure the Internet manually. Here you can specify how long your child can use the app every day and its pages, which you can access online and in which you speak. Children can skip screen time to add new contacts to the address book, but this bug has been fixed in new update 13.3.1.

Switch apps:

New in iPadOS 13 is an improved app switch feature called "Glide" that starts at the bottom of the screen and swipes it up, then tap and hold the app you want, then swipe it to add it to "Glide". Scroll to the side of the screen.

If you want to add multiple apps to Slide Over, you can repeat this process or swipe right side of the screen to open the Slide Over menu. Then use the bar at the bottom of the window to switch between open applications without losing the main application. You can also click a program to open the application as "dragging" and swipe it up in the center of the screen to switch to full screen mode.


IPadOS 13 has also reprocessed multitasking because you can work on two projects simultaneously in split view, and you can now open multiple windows in the same application.

This functionality is explained in Apple Notes by selecting a note in the sidebar and dragging it to the side of the screen. You can then open it in a new window. The operating system opens two windows. The application at the same time, separate the center of the screen at the same time, then you can edit the note independently and then open the third window of the application itself.

Editing text with gestures:

Editing text with iPadOS 13 is easier than before. You can now edit the text with gestures, select the text you want to keep and hold the word until it is highlighted, then slide your finger across the screen to select other words to quickly highlight expressions or paragraphs,

You can then copy the text to your hard drive with three fingers, according to Apple's design. Feel like you chose these words on the screen. If you cut the text, you have to move and enter three fingers twice in succession, and move the text with opposite gestures. Simply tap and exit with three fingers as if you had put the text on the screen again. Don't forget to indicate where you want to paste the inserted text first.

Type faster:

If you want to speed up typing on iPad, try QuickPath. Then press the iPad keyboard with two fingers to reduce it to a smaller version. Then drag it with the bar below the keyboard. Place it on the screen, then slide your finger across the keyboard to type like other Android quick login features.

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