New standards announced to increase the speed of smartphones
New standards announced to increase the speed of smartphones

JEDEC, the committee responsible for developing global standards for the microelectronics industry, has released its latest version of Flash Universal Storage Standard (UFS) called UFS 3.1 or (JESD220E), for faster write speeds and better power. More efficient performance and performance. under pressure.

He also published a companion standard called JESD220-3 or HPB, which allows UFS chips to store some of their data in the phone's DRAM memory for faster and faster buffering.

The new UFS 3.1 standard is the successor to UFS 3.0. The UFS 3.0 standard was announced in May last year and began appearing in mid-2019 devices. Samsung Galaxy Fold and OnePlus 7 Pro phones are among the first to be certified. ,

The price of the UFS chipset has decreased so much that mid-range and flagship phones are equipped with it, while another variable called eMMC still occurs in low-spec Android phones, but this variant has many drawbacks, including simultaneous reading and writing deficits as a result, UFS is faster From eMMC.

The announcement, released by JEDEC, highlights three new core features of the new standard that can improve device performance while reducing energy consumption, including DeepSleep boxes, alarms and writing devices. Accelerators for more consistent performance in activities such as games. The performance is useful. the smartphone.

Write Booster function increases write speed and speed. DeepSleep targets cheap American devices using the new energy saving mode by sharing UFS voltage regulators with other functions. Notify the host when the bottleneck is resolved.

SSDs already have these functions, which means that the UFS 3.1 standard brings UFS volume closer to hard drives in terms of functionality.

It should be noted that in addition to being used in the OnePlus 8 series, the new UFS 3.1 standard can also be seen for the first time in the Galaxy S20 series.

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