6 reasons why smartphones charge slowly
6 reasons why smartphones charge slowly

The truth is that after a while, regardless of the brand, problems occur in charging the smartphones. For the same reason, in this article we will show you the reasons for slow charging the smartphone and what you can do with the measurements.

Reasons for slow charging the smartphone:


In any case, the USB cable is the first choice for slow charging, because most users usually bend or twist the USB cable so that it is not controlled.

Likewise, replacing the original cable with an inexpensive new cable will not solve the problem, because high-quality cables offer thicker copper wires and coatings and are therefore more corrosion-resistant. Low-cost cables use aluminum cables and other broken cables.

power source

The next obvious question is: Where do you get your energy? When you connect the USB cable to your laptop, your smartphone will charge slowly, just like Qi wireless charging. Although Qi is an excellent technology, this popularity comes at the expense of speed.

The best solution is to connect the phone directly from the wall outlet to the main power source. However, this may be a problem, especially in older buildings where the wires may not be visible.

electric current

The adapter used can slow down the battery charging process, as changing the adapter between phones can mix voltage, power, etc.

So it's best to stick to the adapter that comes with your phone, or at least read the exact text on the charger and replace it with the same type of charger.

Old phone

If you are wondering why charging the Galaxy S5 takes a long time, this may be due to the gradual wear of the device after several years, because the new processors support fast charging and charging. Many new mobile smartphones charge 4 hours. Use only after 10 minutes of charging.

Your battery can also be the reason, how old are you? At least one function of older phones is a replaceable battery. If you can remove the battery, you can continue with the normal charging process. Therefore, consider replacing the battery.

Use your phone while charging

Using a smartphone while charging prevents charging from continuing. So it is better to leave the phone charged without using the phone and turn off the smartphone while charging.

Background application

It's great to have a lot of apps running on your smartphone, but how many run in the background and use the battery? Background apps are an annoying problem for Android. So if you have a lot of apps in the background, it will consume electricity and slow down your device.

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