PS5 leak: new details about one of Sony's most important functions
PS5 leak: new details about one of Sony's most important functions

New vulnerabilities have emerged that provide more detailed information on the key features of the new Sony PS5 devices, provided that Xbox Series X and PS5 have the same core hardware components as the CPU and GPU, and that both platform formats offer similar performance, but Sony may have an advantage over Xbox in terms of storage speed, even if both devices have fast hard drives.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have spoken publicly about the space included in each platform, but Sony has announced that the game installation will be reviewed to save space. Meanwhile, the new platform will provide more graphics and games. PS5 supports 100 GB disks. So don't be surprised that future PS5 games may take up more space than PS4 games.

A security vulnerability that was issued a few days ago indicates that the PS5 developer group used by major developers contains 1 TB of SSD capacity, indicating that the minimum space required for the new final release of the independent PS5 report states that Sony is yet to provide space Storage of up to 2 TB.

Although hard drives have become very cheap, they are still much more expensive than hard drives, and Sony needs to find the right balance, as the drive takes up a lot of space on the platform, which should not be too expensive for players. ,

According to LetsGoDigital, the Dutch blog has found three brands of Samsung SSDs, including Unstoppable Speed, NVMe SSD 980 EVO and NVMe SSD 980 QVO, although Samsung's name is not mentioned anywhere in the written documents. However, these names roughly match the names of the EUIPO office and Samsung products.

LetsGoDigital indicates that the PS5 is unlikely to have the more expensive 980 EVO drive, but it may include Samsung 980 QVO. This may explain why Samsung is only late in publishing and registering these products as part of the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The 980 QVO can be much cheaper than the 980 EVO, which helps Sony keep the price of the PS5 at $ 500.

January came and did not pass. Sony has yet to announce the next PlayStation 2020 event. Many people think this will happen in February 2020, and there are reports that the company plans to launch a new platform earlier this month. But this is impossible in 2009. However, late February seems to be the best option for the PS5 release.

Although Sony has not announced that it will hold a media event on this topic, we've seen plenty of evidence that Sony is preparing to announce a new platform, including new documents that Sony will provide to regulators before they are officially released.

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