Apple incorrectly unveils four new iPad Pro models
Apple incorrectly unveils four new iPad Pro models

Apple has temporarily listed four new iPad Pro tablet models on its Chinese website in technical support documents. However, the iPhone maker quickly removed all references to these new tablets, raising concerns about speculation about iPad advertising issues. After this leak, New Pro is imminent.

New iPad Pro models are listed in the section that lists radio frequency details, how the device uses wireless signals to access wireless networks, and new 11 and 12.9-inch models supported versions of wireless and cellular networks are collected based on information from the industry and the Chinese chemical industry identifier ( CMIIT):

  • Support 11 inch WiFi iPad Pro A2228 and CMIIT-ID: 2019AJXXXX.
  • IPad Pro A2231 supports 11-inch cellular network and CMIIT ID is 2019AJXXXX.
  • IPad Pro A2229 supports 12.9-inch wireless network from CMIIT: 2019AJXXXX.
  • IPad Pro A2233 supports 12.9-inch cellular network and the identifier is CMIIT: 2019AJXXXX.

It should be noted that the models (A2228) and (A2229) are consistent with the previous company statements with the Eurasian Economic Commission. The new list presented to the Eurasian Economic Commission generally indicates that a new version of Apple devices will be released soon.

Regarding the expectations of the new iPad Pro models, senior analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said that the tablet will use a 3D ToF lens to support augmented reality applications.

A notable leak last year confirmed these rumors when a product claiming to be the final design for the new 11-inch iPad Pro was released.

However, the expected change may not be related to the new device itself, as information released late last month indicates that Apple is preparing to produce new keyboard accessories with a built-in trackpad, so iPadOS 14 can provide better mouse support replacing laptops .

The Bloomberg report indicated that new iPad Pro models could be released in the first half of 2020. However, this happened before the World Health Organization announced the global epidemic of the new coronavirus.

Apple incorrectly unveils four new iPad Pro models
Apple incorrectly unveils four new iPad Pro models

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