IOS 14 reveals details about iPhone 9, iPad Pro and Apple TV
IOS 14 reveals details about iPhone 9, iPad Pro and Apple TV

Because of the source code for the upcoming leaked version of iOS 14, it will not theoretically release until September, and more details have been released on future Apple hardware and software plans.

The latest details indicate new hardware and many software changes to the iPhone, including (iPad Pro), (iPhone 9), and (AirTags). Apple is developing remote controls for the Apple TV platform.


The source code confirms the details of several upcoming devices:
  • The upcoming iPad Pro includes three cameras (like the iPhone Pro) and an additional ToF sensor for AR.
  • There is a new iPhone with Touch ID that should be cheap (iPhone 9) or (iPhone SE 2).
  • Apple is developing a new Apple TV platform with a remote control. However, compared to previous devices (including Siri voice assistant), the console is not optimized in detail, and the latter has been widely criticized.
  • Similar to Tile devices, the Apple AirTags Tracker gets a user-replaceable battery.


The source code confirms the details of several upcoming program features:
  • The iOS home screen has a new display menu that makes it easy to find and filter apps. Although the location of the screen is not clear, major changes are made to the width of the grid.
  • With the new augmented reality app, you can point your phone's camera to realistic objects and get more information on your phone about what you see in the Apple store, for example, and you can view prices and product features. Apple has reportedly worked with Starbucks to support this feature.
  • External apps can include background images in the background area to apply settings, so you can easily switch between background images and external developers can access dynamic backgrounds.
  • HomeKit can change the color of lights to match daylight throughout the day.
  • Accessibility enables phones to recognize hearing impaired sounds such as alarms and door bells.

The leaked source code has been reported to indicate that Apple is using all of these features, but there is no guarantee that it will actually appear. These features are generally delayed and canceled, and the last feature that Apple has announced that it is considering using in the next version of the system is always a month. Play

It is also difficult to anticipate device versions. Even if included in the source code, there is no guarantee that these products will be available soon.

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