Apple launches new iPad Pro with unprecedented scanner
Apple launches new iPad Pro with unprecedented scanner

Apple today announced the most advanced iPad Pro equipped with the A12Z Bionic chip, which is faster and more powerful than most Windows computers. The new iPad Pro is equipped with a very large camera and microphone comparable to professional recording studios and an unprecedented system. The scanner, which works in conjunction with LiDAR technology, provides users with the latest depth detection functionality and paves the way for a more professional workflow that supports professional photo and video applications.

With a LiDAR-compatible scanner and professional cameras, motion sensors, professional performance, professional sound, a breathtaking liquid network display and powerful applications, iPad Pro is the world's best augmented reality device and the iPad Pro can be purchased today from Apple and can be ordered.

With iPad OS 13.4, Apple has added control panel support for iPads to give customers a new way to interact with iPad, and Apple has guaranteed control panel support. Order for iPad based on new perception rather than clone macOS experience.

When the user moves his finger on the control panel, the pointer spins elegantly to select UI elements, for example B. Multi-touch and multi-touch gestures on the control panel, which can accelerate navigation in the entire system and provide convenience to the user. Users do not need to raise their hands.

Magic Keyboard delivers the best iPad writing experience ever:

Apple today also launched a new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, which features a floating design that can smoothly adjust the angle, backlight buttons and control panel for the best typing experience on iPad. . Magic Keyboard will be available in May.

"The new iPad Pro features the latest laptop technology that has never been seen before. It combines advanced mobile screens and powerful cameras. Professional and professional. LiDAR technology and the new Magic keyboard with the control panel are preceded," said Phil Schiller, vice president of global marketing at Apple. A big step forward in the iPad world. There is no other device in the world like the new iPad Pro. We think customers love it. ”

Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering said: “We have improved iPad functionality and versatility by supporting the iPadOS control panel and we've done everything we can to get the best possible. The methodology integrates the use of the control panel into a device that mostly depends on The device. Touch controls carry everything customers know and love on their iPads, and we are so excited by the millions of iPadOS users today who are introducing this new way of interacting with iPad. "

Professional performance A12Z Bionic chip:

Since iPad Pro is designed for tasks that require great functionality, such as for example, 4K video editing or 3D modeling, it improves performance with the new A12Z Bionic chip, 8-core GPU for A12Z Bionic chip, and improved cooling architecture. Consistent performance control is what makes iPad Pro the best performance on iPad.

If you add an octa-core processor and a powerful neural motor to support the use of next-generation applications, it turns out that no other chip can deliver stunning performance for the thin and light design of iPad Pro, with excellent independence and long life. For up to 10 hours, Wi-Fi is faster, Gigabit LTE is 60% faster, and it supports LTE bands more than any other tablet, so customers can maintain their productivity and creativity all day long.

the screen:

Liquid Retina full coverage screens are available in sizes 11 and 12.9 inches, which is the most advanced mobile phone screens in the world, and supports a wide range of colors (P3) that allow customers to view images, videos, applications and games vividly.

ProMotion can also automatically adjust the refresh rate to 120Hz to ensure smooth scrolling and response. No matter where you use iPad or how you interact with iPad, True Tone technology, high brightness, and anti-reflective layer provide a better viewing experience than any other mobile device.


IPad Pro camera system features a 12MP camera to take pictures and capture stunning 4K videos. It also has a very large 10-megapixel camera that can be zoomed in and out to capture a wider range of viewing angles, and the camera doubles the functions of photos and videos so users can use the multi-camera system game-changer for professional developers.
Professional recording studios provide professional sound with high-quality microphones:

Apple iPad Pro now has five microphones that match the quality of a professional recording studio, can record crystal-clear sound from every detail, and four speakers that can be automatically adjusted to what the device wears in either direction providing a great audio experience.

The system includes two professional cameras, a professional audio system and a large screen. This makes iPad Pro a diversified mobile studio for professional developers, including professional film and video producers, podcasts and other creators.

Unprecedented LiDAR Scanner:

Unprecedented LiDAR scanners provide unprecedented functionality for any mobile device, as they can measure the distance between the device and surrounding objects (up to 5 meters) and can be used indoors and out. 'Outside It can be used at Photon levels and speeds (Nm / s).

The new iPadOS Depth Frame uses LiDAR scanners to summarize depth measurement depths, camera data and motion sensor, and has been improved by analyzing computer vision in the A12Z chipset to understand the scene in detail so that these elements delicately integrate new categories of AR experiences on iPad Pro.

The ARKit positioning function is automatically added to the ARKit platform, with an augmented reality function, an enhanced motion detection system, and the ability to hide virtual objects in real letters. Developers can add the latest ARKit update with new scene engineering. The programming interface is used together to use the performance of LiDAR scanner technology and to unlock previously unreachable solutions.

The LiDAR scanner improves the measurement application and makes automatic calculation of a person’s size faster and easier, while the vertical guide and edge guide are displayed automatically so that users can measure faster and more accurately, and the measurement application now brings one standard width ruler to the grain measurement. In addition, the user can save a list of all measurement results and screenshots for later use.

IPadOS Dashboard support provides:

Apple's iPadOS 13.4 operating system support for the iPad control panel for the first time, giving you a more natural typing experience and greater accuracy for tasks like writing and choosing text using spreadsheets and career paths.

Since the screen was specially developed for the iPad touch experience, it is displayed in a circle, where the widgets, text fields and applications are hidden on iPad, the main screen and dock, to provide the user with clarity. Display what he can click and smooth gestures on the dashboard. Cycle through apps, access the app selector, and activate and move apps in the Dock and Control Center.

IPadOS control panel support works perfectly with applications that customers use every day. From the smooth scrolling of webpages in Safari on iPad and the photo app library to text tuning in the app, you can feel using iPad. Enjoy the control panel. Notes and emails can be quickly viewed and organized in messaging apps. Most external applications can be run without changes. Developers can use new programming interfaces to update and create their business, as we offer a unique application experience.

Upcoming updates to Apple iPage, Numbers and Keynote suites will take full advantage of the dashboard and offer a whole new way to work with documents on iPad.

Writing and editing texts in Pages is very easy. Using multiple items in Keynote is easier than ever. Large tables can be created more easily with more precision.

Other features include funky pages and Keynote templates that help users quickly start creating beautiful documents. In the iWork app, users can add an uppercase for the first time to accentuate prominent caps. Collaboration features are easier than ever with iCloud folder sharing and editing sharing without internet connection, thanks to sharing support.

Professional keyboard accessories:

The Magic Keyboard is integrated with the second generation of the updated Apple Pencil and the updated Smart Keyboard Folio, which magnetic-connected to iPad Pro and showcases the multi-touch screen with its elegant floating design, so you can comfortably place it on your lap or work on the table.

Single connection of cantilever support system can easily set the viewing angle up to 130 °. In addition, the Magic Keyboard features a portable design that provides a full-size keyboard with illuminated keys and a 1 mm movement with a scissor mechanism that allows remote keys to be operated. IPad writing experience.

Magic keyboard can be charged via USB-C during use, so USB-C port on iPad Pro remains inactive, you can connect external drives and displays, and you can press anywhere on the magic keyboard, which increases iPad design strength, which It mainly depends on the touch, so users can enjoy easier browsing and more accurate settings. This is the versatility and productivity of iPad Pro.

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