Slack launches a new design for its app
Slack launches a new design for its app

Slack released new updates to the enterprise messaging app. This update contains a new review to simplify the use of the application.

Slake said: The new design simplifies the organization of work, especially since many users who have had many relationships with other employees in the past have not. "These changes are responsive to major challenges, and as Slake grows, these challenges are naturally tracked: the larger the volume, the more complex it is," the company added in an article.
Slack launches a new design for its app

The redesign of the Slack app brings with it an important change in the app's sidebar, as there is now a Create button that allows users to send messages from n anywhere in the app. Channels, news, and apps can now be organized into custom sections like folders.

Slak said: This update makes it easier to navigate channels and find workplaces with the new navigation bar. In the sidebar you will find interesting discussions, files and applications. This update also supports shortcuts that facilitate the use of applications.

The company plans to launch more new designs and launch improved designs for the mobile version of its application in the coming weeks.

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