Apple may delay iPhone 5G launch due to corona virus
Apple may delay iPhone 5G launch due to corona virus

Due to the emerging effects of the Corona virus, Apple plans to delay the release of the iPhone 5G phones for several months. According to Nikkei Asian Review, appliance manufacturers are also investigating the impact of the epidemic on their supply chains. Influencing consumer demand.

Corona threatens global demand and disrupts the company's product development progress. Apple internally discussed the possibility of delaying the launch of the product for several months, while supply chain sources indicated that real obstacles could delay the product planned for September.

“Regardless of supply chain restrictions, Apple fears that the current situation will drastically reduce the consumer’s desire to update their phones, which could lead to weaker-than-expected reception for the first iPhone 5G (iPhone 5G) and questions even that work with this phone is successful.”

Reports earlier this year show that Cupertino has set strict targets for the iPhone 5G release. The goal of the partners is to prepare for the creation of up to 100 million new devices by 2020 and to design four different models of mobile phones.

Apple is lagging behind its competitors Samsung and Huawei in providing support phones for 5G networks, and it is closely monitoring the outbreak of the virus in the two largest markets in the United States and the United States. Europe (which accounts for more than half of its sales) is considering the necessary delay.

The report says that a large number of Apple employees can work from home indefinitely, as Apple is subject to California government instructions and requires a large number of unnecessary company employees to stay at home. IPhone 5G release schedule may not be confirmed until the end.

Due to changing global conditions, Apple is expected to make a final decision in May. Progress in iPhone 5G development is affected by travel restrictions imposed by the United States, China, and other regions. To fight the areola virus.

The company has been working with suppliers since early March to develop realistic, new models for new phones. Because of the pandemic in the United States, close cooperation requiring testing had to be postponed. Real until the end of the month, then postponed again.

Apple has not officially informed suppliers that production plans may change, but Apple is encouraging many suppliers to make up for lost time due to the turmoil. 5 g) worst-case scenario in 2021.

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