Samsung offers Galaxy S20 functionality to Galaxy S10 and Note 10
Samsung offers Galaxy S20 functionality to Galaxy S10 and Note 10

Samsung has announced that it will add new innovative features to its flagship, modern phone line (Galaxy S20), and split software updates into two series from last year (Galaxy S10) and (Galaxy Note 10).

New functions include camera functions such as (one shot) and (nighttime shooting) as well as the new Gallery app and easy sharing.

Although the company did not specify the exact launch date, it has announced plans to launch it in certain markets in the coming weeks. As a result, users can not only use the latest technology in the series (Galaxy S20), but also various software improvements to improve the experience. generally.

Advanced photo and video experience:

The software update introduces this mode (one snapshot) of the series (Galaxy S10) and (Galaxy Note 10) and allows you to capture important moments by pressing the button on the camera once. The built-in artificial intelligence that the phone automatically uses to change others is recommended to take photos and videos for optimal recording.

There is also a custom filter that automatically creates an image filter from an existing image using the user's favorite colors and styles.

In video mode, you can control shooting settings with more precision and adjust settings (ISO), shutter speed and exposure. However, you can also switch between front and back camera when recording video.

Upcoming updates will also include some improvements in low-light imaging using the Ultra Night Interval mode, which provides better video in low-light conditions (Super Interval) and has seen improvements as part of the improvements to improve compatibility with the Galaxy S20 series. ).

Intelligent exposure:

This update also provides a variety of gallery features that allow users to organize content. Using artificial intelligence technology ("Clean View"), the Gallery app automatically collects similar shots of the same theme in order to make the gallery more clear. Users can easily take similar photos, select their favorites and use them as thumbnails for a group of photos.

New quick cropping mode is also available, so users can enlarge photos when viewing them in gallery and press quick cropping mode in the upper left corner to crop photos to the desired size.

Simply share the features:

Users can now share faster with the "quick share" feature, see nearby contacts, share photos, videos, and large files with multiple people, and use the "share music" feature to share high data - the functional offline bluetooth speakers connect easily to your device with other people.

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