AUTO-VOX FHD Dual Dash Cam Car Camera
AUTO-VOX FHD Dual Dash Cam

Built-in dashboard and dashboard AUTO-VOX 1920x1080P, infrared night vision, integrated GPS design, car dashboard camera with magnetic holder, 24-hour parking mode, Sony Aurora sensor

Infrared night vision
The camera has a powerful infrared function for indoor shots and can record clear and clear night videos in poor lighting conditions.
In addition to black and white photo mode, you can also select daylight color mode.

Sony advanced sensor
Both cameras use the IMX307 image sensor to improve image quality while capturing streets and indoor cabins with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 30 fps.

Wide range of motion
WDR balances image brightness to ensure clear and comfortable recording.
The photo never gets dizzy due to strong light or the picture becomes blurry due to poor lighting.

Easy to install
The configuration is simple and easy, even if you are not good at home improvement, you can complete the installation in no time.
The kit is equipped with a full set of accessories for immediate use.

320 degree coverage
Both cameras have a wide viewing angle (170 degrees in the front + 150 degrees in the interior) and can capture all details of the accident in front of and inside the vehicle.

Parking monitor
Once an effect around the vehicle is detected, the tachograph is activated and recording starts, for example B. Those who criminally destroyed your car and nearby violent incidents. Note: If your car has been parked for a long time, connect the recorder to the car battery using a cable component.
AUTO-VOX FHD Dual Dash Cam Car Camera
AUTO-VOX FHD Dual Dash Cam

GPS operation
GPS data is synced with the video on playback in the AUTO-VOX player, so you can view snapshots and view your location on the map.
We have developed various players to ensure that the player recorder can be used on Windows and Mac systems.

Emergency lock
With the G-sensor, the automatic tachograph can detect sudden vibrations / collisions and emergency tangles in an "event file" to prevent the video from overwriting the lane recording.

AUTO-VOX FHD Dual Dash Cam Car Camera Specs
  • Dual Line Recorder FHD 1080P: The front and the camera can record dual HD videos simultaneously at 1080 @ 30fps. When used alone, the video quality of the front camera can reach 1080p at 60fps, which means the front camera can capture license plate details even at high speeds.
  • Super infrared night vision: Equipped with advanced Sony IMX307 sensor and F1.8 aperture, the car's interior camera and 4 infrared lights can record the perfect lens even in the dark cabin in case of inconvenience or massive errors for Sucre passengers when a professional driver works in the evening.
  • Integrated design with GPS tracking: The magnetic stand has an integrated GPS system that can be assembled quickly and easily. The GPS device records the path, speed, and location in addition to the exact date and time, and provides your insurance company with an irrefutable accident certificate or defends you in court to avoid unfair tickets.
  • Ideal for taxi / passenger drivers: the 2 inch fog drive recorder is easy to hide behind the rearview mirror and does not cover the line of sight or attract the attention of passengers. All reactions in the car are treated confidentially and very useful when you receive abusive or harmful accusations from others.
  • 24/7 standby monitoring: Standby uses the device's built-in G sensor to detect vibrations. This increases the reading from police cameras to record and lock the lens 30 seconds. The battery capacity can record 19 minutes of video fully charged, enough to monitor your vehicle overnight without plugging in the cable components.

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