CovidLock: A malware disguised as an application that tracks Corona virus
CovidLock: A malware disguised as an application that tracks Corona virus

DomainTools has released an Android app called (CovidLock), which it claims is an app to track the new Corona virus. In fact, however, the ransom note is locking devices, and it appears more and more people need information about the spread of the new Corona virus. Some want to use the information space.

Google's sister company Verily has developed a website that provides users with information about testing and testing in the United States. However, the website isn't that great, so many users have to search for apps on Google Play store to get relevant information. Regarding the answer.

(DomainTools) Discovery (CovidLock) claims to be an app that tracks the new Corona virus and forces users to grant it different privileges during installation, which can lock the device and lead to a $ 100 ransom via Bitcoin when deploying threats to delete people threats to data, contacts, photos and other content, as well as when Post to social media accounts, unless paid within 48 hours.

Since the release of the Android Nougat version, Google has offered protection against this type of attack. However, this protection is effective when setting a password, and users are still vulnerable to ransomware, if a password is not set, it is only set on the phone to unlock the screen. (CovidLock).

(DomainTools) indicates that new versions of the Android Nougat version can protect devices from such attacks, while the absence of a password to unlock the screen means that protection is useless.

The DomainTools team can reverse engineer the application to access the required decryption keys (CovidLock), and providing these keys in general can benefit everyone.

The company recommends that users only apply for government and health apps and resources on the Google Play Store. "Cybercriminals love to take advantage of their employees in the most vulnerable times and use dramatic events to do so."

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