NVIDIA requires players to fight Corona virus
NVIDIA requires players to fight Corona virus

Chipmaker Nvidia invites computer players to help find emerging Corona virus by donating unused portions of Fold Home  high-performance gaming computers, forcing users to download background apps that can use unused tools.

PC Master Race is a Reddit enthusiast that works with Nvidia to encourage players to download and use Fold @ Home. There are currently eight projects that use the combined computing power to perform the complex calculations required to locate virus vaccines. .

The company said in an official tweet on Twitter: `` This approach saves money for research laboratories: 'We invite players to share GPUs and join our support (Fold @ Home) with OfficialPCMR to donate an unused GPU computing. To fight the halo virus.' '

The chip maker also invited other manufacturers to encourage subscribers to use the Fold @ Home app, and Fold @ Home said the number of users sharing computing power had increased significantly.

“When giant devices and devices come together for the common good, let's put the differences temporarily aside,” said the hardware manufacturer (MSI). Intel has released a tweet that supports the use of GPU functionality to find a cure and to tweet it again. Nvidia

The Distributed Computer Project (Fold @ Home) has been operating for more than 20 years, has been used in a number of scientific experiments with a large amount of information, and is run as an application on a computer. The processor is used to process data for the device to work. Look for a cure for the SK virus. Sleep mode.

Greg Bowman, director of Folding @ Home, says a lot of people have joined since Invidia and others announced the idea. So be patient. ""

The current project (Folding @ Home) includes an understanding of how viral proteins work and the design of proteins that stop viruses. "Our specialty is using computer simulations to understand the mobile part of a protein that requires a lot of computing power. With the help of people who share its computing power, we can accelerate."

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