Houseparty offers a million dollars to anyone who steals data
Houseparty offers a million dollars to anyone who steals data

Houseparty offered a million dollar reward to those who provided evidence, claiming it was a smear campaign, and was accused of stealing data from other apps installed on the same smartphone.

Hundreds of tweets have appeared in the past two days, claiming that after downloading the House Fort app, Spotify, Snapchat and other accounts purchased by Epic Games, the game's owner, were hacked. Fortnite. The evening of the fort in June this year.

"Our investigation has deleted most of the original tweets in which the statement was posted and found that their Twitter account was suspended," said Epic Games spokesman Nick Chester.

According to analyst Apptopia, the House Party app downloaded an average of more than 278,500 downloads per day in March alone, rejecting piracy allegations. "All House House accounts are safe, the services are secure, they are not compromised at all, and passwords are not collected from other websites," he said.

(The House of Representatives) added: "We are looking at evidence of the spread of recent piracy rumors through harmful commercial mutilation campaigns (Party House). For the first person to provide evidence, we will award a million dollars in reward."

Note that the app now appears in the list of most downloaded apps from Google Store (Google Play) and Apple App Store. With the closure in many countries to limit the spread of COVID-19, people who need to work from home are increasingly using video messaging applications such as (Family Reunion), (Zoom) and (Microsoft Times).

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