Huawei wants to add Google apps to its app store
Huawei wants to add Google apps to its app store

Huawei hopes Google apps and services will be available through its AppGallery store so the company can work on this new idea to attract users to their latest phones that do not have Google-licensed apps.

Last year, President Donald Trump's government put Huawei on the US blacklist known as the "Entity List." This has prevented American companies from negotiating with Chinese telecom operators, forcing Google to shut down Huawei's Android mobile device, and it authorizes their operating system.

Huawei launched major smartphones - (Huawei Mate 30), (Huawei Mate 30 Pro), (Huawei P40), (Huawei P40 Pro) and (Huawei P40 Pro Plus) - Google Apps without a license, i.e. Gmail or services not installed Maps Preset on the device.

While the lack of Google applications in mobile phones is not a major problem for Huawei in China, while Huawei bans and prohibits consumers from using Google services, this also represents a major obstacle for Chinese companies in the market. International market.

"The blacklist will create a $ 10 billion deficit for Huawei's consumer sector in 2019," said Eric XU, vice president of Huawei and CNBC CEO.

The Chinese company introduced an operating system called (HarmonyOS) last year that could run on a variety of devices, including televisions and smartphones, but it did not use the operating system on any phone.

Instead, the Huawei P40 series uses the so-called open source version of Android. This version does not have the Google Play Store, but it comes with AppGallery and there are only a few major apps in the Huawei Store. He also has a familiar name for absences like Facebook and Instagram.

Since the U.S. government blacklisted it in May, Huawei has confirmed that it will continue to use Google apps and services on its smartphones, given the lack of clarity in the future. Eric Zou proposes a different strategy.

“We want to use Google services through (Huawei AppGallery), just as we can use Google services through the Apple App Store,” said alternately Google Vice President and CEO. Google Apps is also available on devices through the Apple App Store. to reach. Another operating system is running.

Eric Zo's suggestion to give Huawei users outside of China access to the applications they depend on without the Chinese company running a fully licensed version of Android is a new idea, and analysts say if Huawei is bigger the success abroad can be crucial.

"Although Huawei may be able to attract most major developers to its stores over the next few years, Google Inc. will lose. The opportunity to join Google will be an important event," said Bryan Ma, vice president of hardware research at the IDC Market Research division.

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