Samsung will stop producing LCD screens by the end of this year
Samsung will stop producing LCD screens by the end of this year

Samsung Display has announced that it will stop producing LCD panels in South Korea and China by the end of this year. South Korea's Samsung-based screen manufacturing unit has decided to provide more resources for QD (Quantum Dot) monitors. ).

The decision will transfer existing LCD screen manufacturing personnel to production of OLED and QD displays, and Samsung Display said that the company will continue to supply LCD screens to customers by the end of this year.

Factories still producing LCD screens are located in Asan, South Korea and Suzhou, China. Most of the LCD screens manufactured in these factories are used by Samsung Electronics TV division to manufacture branded QLED TVs.

Due to weak global demand for mobile phones, (Samsung Screen) is generally expected to stop producing LCD screens after it was announced in October that it would invest $ 11 billion in mobile and research facilities to update QD-management due to increased supply. Smart TV.

Since its announcement in October, Samsung Display has made new investments to reduce its LCD production capacity, focusing on moving LCD production lines to more advanced QD screen production lines over the next five years.

In addition, the Chinese company Hikvision, known for producing video surveillance devices, launched a number of new LED screens. It was his first attempt to enter the trade show market, and Hikvision started new business. The decision on the range was made after it was blacklisted in the United States. October last year.

The Chinese surveillance camera giant was blacklisted after the US government accused him of human rights violations and ill-treatment in connection with China's massive raids and arbitrary detention campaigns against 'other Muslim minorities' in the Uyghurs, Kazakhstan and Xinjiang.

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