Lenovo supports Legion's upcoming 55W gaming phone
Lenovo supports Legion's upcoming 55W gaming phone

Lenovo released a new trailer for the next Legion gaming phone that displays the image of the packing bag, including the phone with Lenovo accessories.

Lenovo is preparing to launch its first gaming phone soon. Weibo has released several trailers that showcase the design and functionality of your company's phone.

Lenovo's next gaming phone will feature the Legion brand, formerly known as PCs and accessories. Lenovo's new trailer showcases a bunch in a bag that includes a phone unit with two game consoles on both sides of the bag.

The console is equipped with a series of buttons with an analog joystick. The photo also shows a box in the middle of the bag that can return to the helmet.

However, the leak or tease did not reveal many specifications of the Lenovo Legion gaming phone as it has a Snapdragon 865 processor chip and an improved cooling system. The phone supported 600,000 points in AnTuTu tests.

In addition, the trailer revealed that this phone supports 55W fast charging technology while Legion supports 5G networks.


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