Mobile phone sales fell 14% in February due to Corona
Mobile phone sales fell 14% in February due to Corona

Due to the spread of the new Corona virus in China and abroad, global smart phone sales fell by 14% in February, which could be a precursor to the exacerbation of the disease in many parts of the world, market research firm Counter Point Research said on Thursday.

The pandemic caused the virus to shut down Apple and other smartphone manufacturers in China in February, while government data showed that Apple sold less than 500,000 smartphones in the Chinese market last month.

Sales in China and February decreased by 38% year on year, and signs of recovery now appear as many stores reopened in mid-March.

(Jan Park) - Counter Point chief analyst: South Korea is showing signs of recovery, but for the rest of the world "the worst is still coming."

With more and more countries implementing closure orders, smartphone manufacturers face new supply chain turmoil. Foxconn, a major Apple supplier, announced on Tuesday that operations in India will be halted due to government regulations.

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