Reuters: The United States issues a new law to stifle Huawei in the chip market
Reuters: The United States issues a new law to stifle Huawei in the chip market

Reuters reported on Thursday, citing individuals familiar with the matter - that the government of US President Donald Trump has approved new measures limiting the ability of Chinese Huawei to buy American electronic chips, while the White House is intensifying its efforts against China's efforts during the critical development of the corona virus.

As part of this change, foreign companies that use US chip manufacturing equipment will need to obtain a US license before they can ship some chips to Huawei. This happens after China Telecom was blacklisted last year, limiting its ability to purchase US parts.

A source said: The legal changes aim to restrict the sale of advanced chips to Huawei, and not to the older semiconductors widely available in the market. And since most of the chipmaking equipment used worldwide depends on American technology, this change will mean expansion of export control agencies, which some trade experts believe will enrage US allies.

Reuters said it is unclear whether President Donald Trump will sign the amendment speech. President Donald Trump appeared against the proposal last month.

According to Reuters, the decision was taken after US officials from various agencies agreed and approved an amendment on Wednesday to amend the Foreign Direct Products Act, which is based on US technology. Or a program to regulate some foreign products to meet US regulations.

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