New P40 teaser confirms prominent design of camera unit
New P40 teaser confirms prominent design of camera unit

The Chinese giant plans to launch a unique version of the P40 series on March 26 which attracted attention. Today, Huawei once again highlighted the exceptional design of the trailer's rear view camera.

Huawei conference starts this month with the announcement of the P40 and P40 Pro phones as well as the P40 Premium Special Edition. Richard Yu, CEO of the company, confirmed that the conference was held in Paris.

Huawei specifically focused its video on the rear camera unit, indicating that it will have five parameters, and the leak indicates that the P40 will feature a Kirin 990 processor chip, and it is planned to release a new version on one of them launching the market that supports 5G networks. 5G models. .

Previous leaks revealed that the P40 Pro is equipped with a 52-megapixel main sensor, 40-megapixel camera sensor, an 8-megapixel telephoto sensor and a 125mm lens.

The P40 Premium Edition is also equipped with a five-point camera, which includes a main sensor with a wide-angle camera and other telephoto lens with ToF sensor. So we hope Huawei conference will be able to know more about the new release of P40 series. The principle is that the entire event will be broadcast on the Internet. Internet


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