The latest PENTA camera functionality leak appears on the P40 PRO

Huawei is preparing for the following P40 series phones, and new leaks have revealed new details about the PENTA's capabilities in PENTA.

The mobile phone manufacturer wants to develop smart phone cameras in order to provide the best picture performance and quality. Oppo recently won the leadership position in Find X2 Pro in the DxOMark category. Xiaomi and Apple Samsung have surpassed the DxOMark list in the recent period, and people now expect a lot from the community. Huawei P40 series phones.

Camera technology was recently developed in new versions of smartphones, and Huawei was particularly keen to update the new version of its smartphones using the latest camera technology to provide users with a shooting experience. More effective presentation.

Once again, Huawei is preparing to launch a new generation of P40 series smartphones. Today the latest leak occurs on the P40 PRO. The leak will be running soon with 5 sensors on the back camera and the leak will check the settings of the back camera P40 PRO as follows. :
  • The IMX700 main sensor measures 52 pixels, 1.22 ميكرm and RYYB filter for maximum illumination in low light conditions.
  • IMX650 40MP sensor with RGGB filter and wide-angle cinematic lens.
  • Teleprisma teleprism lenses with up to 10x magnification and two P1G lenses.
  • Telephoto lenses can support up to 3x optical zoom.
  • ToF sensor for image depth
  • LED flash and microphone with color temperature sensor can effectively support voice recording.
It should be noted that, according to the previous statement by Yu Chengdong, Huawei is preparing to announce the P40 series phones at a conference in Paris on March 26.


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