Nintendo plans to launch several redesigned Mario games
Nintendo plans to launch several redesigned Mario games

Nintendo plans to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the famous Super Mario plumber this year with many new and old releases of Nintendo Switch, including Super Mario Sunshine in 2002, Super Mario 64 in 1997 and (Super Mario Galaxy) 2007

The company plans to celebrate this year, the thirty-fifth anniversary of the launch of the main series (Super Mario) in 1985. As part of this year's celebration, Nintendo will announce the redesign of most of the (Super Mario) list. At the age of 35, Nintendo Switch was redesigned.

Nintendo is expected to release several Super Mario games this year, including a new version of the Paper Mario series and an expanded version of Super Mario 3D World 2013, which will also feature (Universal, next "Super Film Mario and Playground") presented. Super Nintendo World Theme.

Nintendo has announced an important licensing agreement to celebrate its anniversary, a special set of interactions (Lego Mario) that allows players to collect coins and defeat real-world enemies.

The company originally planned to announce the 35th birthday of Super Mario as a practical event at the E3 gaming conference in June, but the company is rethinking its plans as part of the new Corona virus epidemic and due to the spread of the virus. With this year's E3 conference canceled, Nintendo can launch an online event.

Although Nintendo’s main activity plays and sells games, it has been found in recent years to benefit from IP in a number of ways. A new store (Nintendo Tokyo) opened in November 2019, is about to open a Super Nintendo World Park. This summer is fun.

For his part, the President of Nintendo, Kotaro Furukawa, said that the company has partnered with fashion brands such as (Uniqlo) and (Levis) to make clothes for its famous games: "The company's efforts to expand its activities have benefited the public by benefiting from them. Out of video games to fruitful results. "

Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto also commented, "We want to expand our video game character while keeping its value. We will work with many other companies to find more people related to our character. The opportunities are much greater than usual."

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