Redmi Note 9 Pro leaked a live photo
Redmi Note 9 Pro leaked a live photo

The Redmi brand is gearing up for the official release of Redmi Note 9 series phones at tomorrow's event. Today's latest video leak on Redmi Note 9 Pro is marked red.

Previous leaks indicate that Redmi plans to release three versions of the Note 9 series. In addition to the flagship version, the company also offers Pro and Max version.

He has watched Note 9 and Note 9 Pro phones in the Geekbench database, and the leak reveals the main specifications of these releases. Today the picture shows the Note 9 Pro phone and its box.

These photos show the rear camera design of the Note 9 Pro, which has a square design and is located in the middle of the back. .

The leak also indicates that Redmi Note 9 Pro offers blue and white in addition to black, and today the leaked image also appears in red.


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