Report: Zoom is not as secure as it claims
Report: Zoom is not as secure as it claims

A report published by The Intercept on Tuesday says that Zoom is not as safe as it claims.

Zoom claims that its website supports comprehensive encryption to protect the ongoing video conference. However, TheIncept found that this is not entirely true.

The ZOOM Spokesperson asked if the video conference is coded across the platform (end-to-end). "Currently, end-to-end encryption for video conferencing cannot be enabled (zoom in / out)," the spokesman said.

Zoom uses TLS encryption, which is compatible with that used by standard HTTP browsers to protect HTTPS sites. In practical terms, this means that data between the user and the zoom server is encrypted, for example service content such as Gmail or Facebook. However, the term "full encryption" refers to the complete protection of content between users without the company being able to access it, similar to common coded messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp. Zoom does not provide this level of encryption, which makes the term (end-to-end) very misleading.

However, the Zoom application refused to mislead the user and told the website (ban): "When we use the term (end-to-end), it denotes encrypted communication at both ends of the zoom." He added, "The content has not been decrypted because the content continues to develop the cloud." Please note that sending SMS via Zoom is an encrypted technology (end-to-end).

Zoom also informed The Intercept that the user data necessary to improve the service is only collected, for example b. IP addresses, OS details, and device details, and employees don't allow this to access meeting content. He also said: User data is not sold. However, the company may have to hand over the protocol to the police.

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