Samsung introduces next-generation Galaxy Buds + headphones
Samsung introduces next-generation Galaxy Buds + headphones

Samsung Saudi Electronics Co., Ltd. launched a new generation of wireless headphones + Galaxy Buds in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The headphones not only feature advanced technologies such as headphones, microphones and batteries available around the clock, but also have a sound experience designed according to user preferences. Map and Navigation options also allow users to enjoy an unbeatable sound studio experience.

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds + earphones design is based on the superior wireless audio experience of the Galaxy Buds, as these new headphones provide users with the best quality and enjoyable listening experience.

Next-generation audio experience:

Thanks to the AKG sound system, Galaxy Buds + provides an innovative audio experience for mobile phone users. While Samsung is improving the sound quality again, the AKG headphone is equipped with a two-way audio system, which is complemented by additional speakers and high-frequency sound. Another loudspeaker to reduce the audio frequency and when using headphones, the total sound is clear and balanced as it should.

For users who use wireless headphones for phone or video calls, Galaxy Buds + is equipped with three microphones: an internal microphone and two external microphone for high-quality audio recording.

The external microphone adjusts the sound and controls the background noise, so users can always hear their voices no matter where they are.

Improved ambient noise also allows users to control how they hear ambient noise when they need it by choosing a range of new settings, including low, medium, high, and high volume.
Powerful battery:

There is nothing more frustrating than charging the speaker battery without a nearby charging port. With a powerful 85mAh battery, Galaxy Buds + is the perfect companion for music lovers who travel a lot.

The battery provides 11 hours of work per charge. Placing the headphones in the wireless case (270mAh) gives users another 11 hours, which is great for listening to music on the go.

With the Quick Charge feature, users can charge from one device to another using the charging cable, wireless charging, or wireless power sharing technology and headphone charging for only 3 minutes, so the speaker should be operated for 60 minutes.

Easy to use and control Galaxy Buds +:

With full control over the Galaxy Buds + headset without using a smartphone, users can play or pause music with one touch and double-tap to switch from one audio file to another, or answer a long-touch call. Users can get the other work they need.

Spotify listeners with Galaxy Buds + can continue listening to their favorite music with the press of a button (long press), Spotify can play music and songs according to user settings.

Communication with other devices:

The headphones provide users with a simple and comfortable wireless experience on multiple devices. In conjunction with the Galaxy phone, Galaxy Buds + automatically sets all devices connected to the same Samsung account on the phone.

Galaxy Buds + redefines the audio listening experience by offering an easier way to listen. New headphones can also be paired with iOS devices so that users can enjoy the latest features on a variety of devices.

The headphones are unique in that they communicate with devices and can communicate with them and provide consistently clear sound so that users can enjoy their favorite content anytime, anywhere.

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