Gold launch Galaxy S20 Ultra with Joker
Gold launch Galaxy S20 Ultra with Joker

(Caviar) - a Russian company that sells only expensive and expensive versions of the most important smartphones - launched a new set of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The "Fortune Collection" of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Fortune range includes five options, from $ 5660 to $ 40,210. Game-inspired games include: Fortune Gold Wild Edition, Spades Fortune Ace, Diamond Fortune Ace, Hearts Fortune Ace and Club Carpet Fortune Ace.

The limited version of this phone includes gold, garnet, sapphire and sapphire inlay, depending on the version the user has selected. The Russian company also offered other options covered with snake skin, options covered with titanium, and gold options covered with crocodiles.

In addition to the special version of the latest Samsung Z Z Flip, Caviar also launched special versions of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus at a lower price.

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