Sony confirms that the PS5 offers faster gaming performance
Sony confirms that the PS5 offers faster gaming performance

Sony confirmed today that the next version of the PS5 game console will support installing and downloading games faster compared to the previous PS4.

Mark Cerny, head of Sony's PlayStation division, reviewed the following PS5 console specifications and new changes to the gaming platform, including the transition to SSD storage and the next platform. - The game model has faster game install performance.

Sony confirmed today in its introduction to the PS5 gaming platform that SSD supports faster performance on gaming platforms and reduces the time required to download and install games or games. Patches are installed on gaming platforms.

Existing PS4 game consoles with hard drives take longer to download, install and download games or install patches. In fact, new files must be created when installing new patches. Otherwise, the game adds new research content that takes more time and affects the performance of the game platform. Look for corrections on the platform.

The SSD capacity of the new PS5 console varies because users do not have to create new files to make changes. Therefore, the new gaming platform supports faster installed games, and this function enables game developers to develop and design games with more space.


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