The Apple notification shows the date the store was reopened
The Apple notification shows the date the store was reopened

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that Apple had warned its employees of the possibility to gradually reopen some retail stores in April, and also announced that it was planning to extend telecommuting jobs to many employees until April 5.

"These details were announced in a note by Derdy O'Brien, senior vice president of retail and retail," Bloomberg said. "For all retail stores outside Greater China, we will gradually reopen our stores." Currently, we expect some stores to open in the first half of April, depending on the conditions in their community, "he added. He also said: "Once a specific date is set, we will provide updates to each store."

Earlier this month, Apple announced a permanent closure of 458 retail stores outside the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to curb the spread of the new Corona virus. It has already closed its 42 branches in China, but has since reopened.

In a memo to employees, he also said remote work will expand after Apple's global offices are closed outside China earlier this month.

O'Brien said in the memo: "In all offices outside Greater China, we have extended the flexible work schedule for all team members until April 5, except for those who need to attend the meeting at least April 5 will vary. The site is reassessed every week."

"Apple appreciates the health of our team, our customers, and the community," O'Brien said. Apple was one of the first retailers to close stores in response to the virus.

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