ViewSonic offers free distance learning tools for schools and universities
ViewSonic offers free distance learning tools for schools and universities

During the current period of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), ViewSonic, one of the world's leading providers of optical solutions, offered myViewBoard to K12 universities for free.

As the corona virus spreads, many schools and universities are preparing to close their doors for long periods of time, and teachers and institutions are urgently searching for opportunities to learn and provide tailor-made solutions for their students.

ViewSonic President and CEO (James Chao) said: "Since we are stakeholders in education, we have always been keen to support schools, teachers, students and parents during this difficult period." Especially for those who cannot use distance learning. "

"Although some schools with current capabilities implemented educational solutions during the school closure, many schools were surprised by the coronavirus infection and had to boycott all direct school hours," Zhou said.

ViewSonic myViewBoard's advanced learning solution enables teachers to offer distance learning courses through an open and inspiring platform to ensure students' learning and learning outcomes are never compromised. MyViewBoard solution is easy to configure and use.

The solution can be interactive in video, audio, messaging and digital whiteboard conferencing systems, similar to real-time collaboration during the classroom, while the myViewBoard solution contains all the functions that can help parents, teachers, and students create an attractive environment. Interactive, interactive, virtual learning environment.

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