The futuristic design and extended functionality of the BMW Concept i4
The futuristic design and extended functionality of the BMW Concept i4

With the launch of the first all-electric Gran Coupe, the BMW Group enters a new stage in its history. In BMW Concept i4, the electric drive system is the heart of the BMW brand and marks the beginning of a new era of driving pleasure.

BMW Concept i4 represents the future of the BMW i4 model, which will be ready for serial production in 2021, as it represents a dramatic change in the dynamic excellence that BMW is famous for on the one hand, and it is a modern and sporty design that also integrates. Because of its wide range and practical advantages, the four-door Gran Coupé does not contain CO2 emissions.

"The BMW BMW i4 is the BMW's primary electric propulsion system. The car features a dynamic and elegant design. It is an ideal BMW without emissions," said Adrian van Huydonk, Executive Vice President of BMW Group Design.

The vehicle's distinctive numbers include a range of 600 km ("globally coordinated testing of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles"), production of 530 hp and acceleration from zero to 100 km per hour (0-60) mph) and a top speed of more than 200 km / hour.

However, the benefits of driving in the BMW Concept i4 cannot simply be expressed in numbers, because the engine's steady power transmission is a new manifestation of dynamics.

The sleek modern design compliments the dynamic characteristics of an exceptional driving experience. The ideal size gives the car an original, modern and confident look, and the long wheelbase, fast roof line and short rear cover give it a higher level of elegance. Dynamic and dynamic thanks to the BMW Concept i4's four doors, which not only provide a high degree of usability and everyday life, but also guarantee an interior space larger than the recommended size in modern dynamic cars.
Interior design - a combination of innovation and simplicity:

The interior of the BMW Concept i4 focuses on the moments when the driver wants to drive himself. To achieve this, each driver's part and elements are designed to give a comfortable feeling. The new curved BMW screen meets the steering wheel, shows the driver a new direction and provides BMW Future views of the iNEXT and BMW i4 series versions as well as an integrated display area for your reference. By tilting the control screen towards the driver in the integrated unit, the display assembly improves the display of information and makes it easier to touch the screen.

Advanced display technology and non-reflective glass reduce screen clogging and help to organize and open the cabin. The BMW curved display takes most of the driver's interface, and because of its slim design, no frame gives the front area a very modern look. Add elegance and sophistication.

Almost all operating functions of the screen design are integrated into the screen. The goal of the design is to reduce the number of touch controls. The air conditioner now works by touch control.

Focus on:

The internal interface around the BMW curved screen does not seem to be very detailed. The easy use of different materials and the basic arrangement of the control buttons ensure a modern and luxurious feel. Insight is fully integrated into the project and hidden in design details.

Extended UI design with test drive mode:

The BMW curved display provides a complex digital door, and its appearance has been greatly influenced by the latest electronics. Deliberately kept out of the automotive world and from the flat layer on the same screen, providing great visual depth. Overall, BMW's curved display and new views ensure a unique experience with display content.

With these three driving test modes, drivers can also explore all aspects of electric driving systems and at least visually aspire to the next generation operating system in 2021.

The visual difference between the three driving test modes (simple, sporty, and efficient) encompasses everything from the way the user experience is presented and graphically depicted to the interior display and ambient lighting in The Bottom of the Dashboard and door and screen displays in the car for which the technical adjustments have been made.

BMW i4 concept:

BMW Concept i4 is known not only for its design and functionality, but also for its unique voice developed by renowned international composer (Hans Zimmer) and sound designer BMW Renzo Vitale under the name BMW IconicSounds Elektrisch.

BMW IconicSounds Electric aims to give BMW electric cars an emotional feel and make the BMW Concept i4 be heard through a unique sound alternating between the loudest and clearest in basic driving mode and changes in driving mode. This also includes opening doors and driving cars.

Production of the new BMW i4 series:

New BMW i4 production will start in 2021 at the BMW Group flagship plant in Munich. Combustion vehicles, hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles will be produced on the assembly line in the future. From Munich. The company invested about 200 million euros in the Munich factory. Produces the BMW i4 series.

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