Google gives Chromecast owners free access to Stadia
Google gives Chromecast owners free access to Stadia

Google will slowly and steadily open the Stadia cloud game service to interested customers, and starting this month introducing new promotions offering them a free three-month Pro Pass experience (Stadia Pro) (on Chromecast). the device. .

The company has made it clear that customers don't have to buy a new Chromecast Ultra, they just have to accept receiving promotional email from Google to send the promotional offer to reputable customers who are Chromecast Ultra owners. Chromecast Ultra.

Although the Stadia cloud games service is still in its infancy, Google is trying to notify potential customers of the service. However, the research giants have confirmed that this offer is the first of its kind in a game related service. C. is similar to the platform that friends can share on the platform.

It is not clear if the offer is limited to some countries. Stadia's cloud gaming service is currently available in 14 countries and regions around the world. Google now appears interested in attracting more users to the platform. the shape.

(Stadia Pro) is the only version currently available from Google Cloud that provides a standard version of the service that does not broadcast in 4K. The service is free, but the company hasn't started it yet, it's not supported in Chrome, and the only way to run (Stadia) Stadia on your browser or Android device is to connect Chromecast Ultra to your TV.

(Stadia Pro) currently costs $ 10 a month. The only way to take advantage of the service before this promotion is to pass the system on to a friend via an existing subscriber or purchase the 129 (first) Premiere or Package (Founder) for $.

(Settings) The package includes a three-month system for friends, a dedicated console for Google Stadia and Chromecast Ultra.

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